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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Negative self talk

Negative selftalk - sofspics
 Negative self talk is what gives rise to negative emotions. This is the constant talk going on in your head that is cynical, unbelieving and hopeless. Anything you approach is colored by what is going on in your head, yeah there is a running commentary that goes on, a constant evaluation of things. This may not be objective evaluation but a prejudiced evaluation that is colored by your perception and experiences which are layered by negative emotions and baggage from the past.
Negative self talk need to be eliminated. You need to stop the thought as it arises.
Thought stopping can be done effectively with awareness of what is going on and a little practice.
Stopping the thought by itself is not enough, you need to replace that with positive self talk.
Developing positive self talk starts with listing your strong points. Write them down, making sure you write at least two points for each area - example family, work, social life, hobbies etc..
Now this needs to be in the form of statements that could be used as self affirmations.
Keep this written on a flash card and look it up each time you are assailed by negative self talk.
Read it as many times as you can through the day. Once you have a hang of it repeat it to yourself as often as possible.
Soon you will be auto correcting negative self talk and positive self talk will be on auto pilot.
Studies have suggested that positive self talk is any day more productive than negative self talk.
Negative self talk serves only to fuel your anxieties fears and low self-esteem. Change that constant battering inside today! Have a wonderful day!

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