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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Negative emotions - how to deal with negative emotions

I would like to begin by saying that there are no negative emotions, all emotions serve a positive purpose. Hold on, let me explain this..
Negative emotions like hate, envy, jealousy, anger, etc. could be directed rightly, to achieve positive results.
These are not meant to be turned on people. People need to be loved, respected, understood, accepted, forgiven and loved again.
Negative emotions are for stuff. Poverty, injustice, racism etc... There are many thing that could change for the better if we could turn our negative emotions towards them.
We could have a world worth living and loving, if we used our negative emotions properly.
For example hate serves a purpose, you need to hate lying, cheating, immoral behaviour so much so that you keep away from such things.
We often hate the one who lies, the one who cheats making him/her all the more negative and bitter towards the world that won’t help them.
Jealousy or envy could be redirected slightly from a person to a goal or an achievement, to turn it positive. Instead of being jealous about a person, it is better to direct that negative emotion towards achieving what the person has achieved - which is what is making you jealous in the first place. Let me make it clear here that I do not advocate comparisons, but it is better to redirect such emotions when you feel them, so that you do not hurt yourself and others.
These emotions could burn you up from within.. anger drills holes into your intestines... or at least produces enough acid to do the work for you. It also raises up your heart rate and your blood pressure and kills whatever you have in terms of good health and mental peace.
Just change the flow of your negative emotions today.. deflect them and let them work for you!

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