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Friday, March 16, 2012

Contentment - A way of life

Contentment  - sofspics
‘Contentment’ the word pops up into mind, often. I am content most of the time, but today when things aren’t going the way I want them to go, I still feel a certain measure of contentment. Feeling ill is something I do not like, but the word still pops up tonight as I sit down to blog. It is not an emotion, it is an acquired taste. A way of living, I would say.
Playing with my dog and watching her antics make me feel so happy and content. Watching the birds build their nests on the tree outside, this morning, filled me with so much contentment. The fact that I am alive and do what ever I want to, fills me with a feeling of peace, joy and perfect contentment. Yet, things aren’t perfect here... at least not the way I want them to be. My body is not in its perfect state, making me less capable of doing the things I need to do.
I have hope! I can accomplish what I want to because there is a tomorrow. I have met and given today my best shot! I am content in that, I rest knowing I have tried my best within my limited capabilities.
This state of mind comes from years of mindfulness. Living the moment, letting peace fill my heart and enjoying the simple things of life.
There are days when I am not able to do much and yet I try to spread my happiness to someone who needs it. I pick up the phone and cheer up someone who truly needs it that day. A deed that reaches out to others fills me with a sense of contentment. Or like today, play with my pet dropping all that I need to do, just to tell her she is important to me, my life would be less richer without her and that she means the world to me.
Something in the atmosphere changes when you share your happiness, let the peace in you flood some one's heart. Just a hug would do the magic at times.
Contentment is how you let the life you live fill you with peace and happiness. Letting only the positives count, while not making too much of the negatives. There is a tomorrow.. Life awaits you... but let today be filled with contentment!

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