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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Transformational change Part 3

Love in action, trabnsformational change - sofspics
Change is the only constant, so why be left behind? Transformational change is always positive and could change the very way we approach life.
“The journey between what you once were and who you are now becoming is where the dance of life really takes place.” - Barbara Deangelis
I have to agree with Barbara Deangelis, it is indeed the dance of life. Your life becomes one of joy and your soul/your inner being is in a state of joy, no matter what happens.
“The cultural transformation from the love of power to the power of love is the drama of our time.” Anodea Judith
You exchange negativity for positive thoughts, love for hatred/indifference. I once received a comment that I am love crazy.. whoever the commenter was, did not bother to reveal his/her identity. The truth is, I am love crazy. Yes, Love is better than hatred, love is better than indifference and lack of enthusiasm. I love, I am not in lust and greed. Love lets live, life only wishes for the good of others. Is there a better point of view to take? I know of none other!
Sometimes, it appears like pure foolishness to do good and remain in love when people do just the contrary. Transformational change as I mentioned earlier is irreversible, and I am so glad it is. I can be just the person that I have always longed to be. I can be myself. What a way to live!
This journey of life is a one way journey. You live only once, so live it well, live it like a dance with your beloved, full of passion, joy and delight in the moment of being held so close and loved for all you are worth! Embrace your life! Let every event of your life make your soul rich and full of purpose.
“The sacred cycle of transformation begins by cultivating life experiences and embracing the evolving human spirit. Meaning, purpose and joy are our birthright and by dancing our sacred dream we create a richly woven tapestry of spiritual thought and action.” Micheal Teal
Wishing you the courage to transform your life!

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