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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Transformational change part 2

Transformational change - being the change 
Continued from Transformational change -1

Any change that is only skin deep may not be long lasting. Our society suffers today largely because it is unable to make deep and lasting changes which are positive and constructive.
Most people today, need a lifestyle change, but they may not even realize that they are obese or unhealthy unless they have a problem and on their visit to their doctor they are asked to reduce their weight. Even then, they may find it difficult to change their food habits, include a 15 minute walk or exercise into their routines or just drink more water. Is it difficult to do all this? I am sure it is not; but the fact that this kind of change requires a change of mindset, beliefs and sustained effort to see results. This puts most people off. Profound changes push people out of their comfort zones, making them feel insecure and alone.

We as a race, we have got used to the idea of instant gratification, instant success, that hard work is often considered a drudgery. Frequently I come across people who have taken up freelance writing online and within a few days of joining a site you would find them posting questions on forums asking - How much money would they earn and how soon? That does tell us a lot about the value of hard work, patience and perseverance that we have today. It is no doubt at all that we do not want to take up such challenges. These challenges call for commitment and perseverance, words which may have lost their meaning in this fast paced world. Quick fixes and patching up are our style of functioning, we do not want to scratch beyond the surface. The fear that it may bring up stuff which may be more than what we bargained for, is ever present.
Working in the field of mental health I was disgusted with the fact that neither the patients or the psychiatrists were interested in therapy. Prescription drugs, most of which have such terrible side effects are prescribed right away without giving the person a chance to make the changes/adjustments he/she needs to make in his/her life. Likewise drugs that promise to help you lose weight are more popular than exercises, we do not want to experience pain or difficulty of any kind.
Transformational change is all about pushing you into the region of deep seated changes that occurs inside out and are irreversible. We need to go through a process of learning, keeping our focus on internalization of the learning and implementation of the changes while being ever vigilant to ensure that we do not fall back into the rut of the past.
I was neither a positive nor a happy person for almost thirty years of my life.  Being negative was very much my nature, it became even more pronounced after I lost my father and the changes which happen in life. It took me two full years to learn how to become the happy positive person that I am today. I had to change myself line upon line, precept upon precept  until I was totally transformed. My belief system changed from karma to redemption and salvation and the Truth set me free.
I realised that I was the author of my life and scripted my happiness or lack of it. I understood I live by what I believe and not how I feel... feelings are transient and ever changing. I could not rest my life on such fickleness. I can tell you that, change was not easy, there was a constant war internally. My old habit and ways of thinking were at logger heads with my new beliefs, regardless of the fact that it produced positive effects. I had to summon all my will power to get where I wanted.
Change always hurts when it happens. You get to enjoy the benefits of the change much later, when you have become the change.

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