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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Transformational change - Become the change

Transformational change - sofspics
Transformational change is a process of deep inner change. Change often occurs at the superficial level so that we can get on with life, this is more of a temporary change, where the way you think, behave, perceive and plan does not really change, the change in behaviour or action is just momentarily. Once the end is reached you turn back to your own ways.
Transformational change is a process like metamorphosis, wherein change occurs inside out.  There is a conversion of heart, this means that the old ways of thinking are given up for newer and better ways of thinking. The is a metamorphosis, or a change in the very nature of things. A complete transfiguration from one nature to another.
I came face to face with the reality of the word ‘transformed’ in the Bible Rom 12:2,  it stared me in face. I have known and used this word so often and yet it seemed like new to me. This verse of scripture talks about the process of transformation, it says do not be conformed but “be transformed by the renewing of your mind”. I understood that transformation of the mind does not happen with thinking and feeling, it happens with learning and conversion of the heart.
The new idea or the new philosophy of life that you adopt should bring about a total change/transformational change  from within. Your mind is the center of change. You need to learn, meditate, accept and adopt the new way of thinking. It is possible that you could go back to your old ways when you are going through the process of change. That is where the process of renewing your mind comes, you need to renew your mind to that concept or ideology everyday. You need to believe and act on it. If you falter, you need to stop and go back to the point where you faltered and let the change happen. Change happens slowly, once you have changed your very nature changes, there is no going back to the old self.
It is like the metamorphosis of an egg into a butterfly. The egg stays active, but no change is seen on the outside, suddenly, after sometime the egg becomes a larva. This larva keeps on eating and feeding until it is ready to change completely, it becomes inert in the pupae. After a time of seeming inactivity again there comes the butterfly, as beautiful and as delicate as any flower.
There are stages and stages of life where our productivity is punctuated by inactivity. These are periods of effective learning and implementation of what is learned. I believe that we need to be mindful of what is learned for the change or transformational change to happen, so that we could move to the next level.
Life is all about change and adaptation to change,  but are we really experiencing transformational change from what we learn or are we coping and dealing with the events of life? We need to be over-comers and achievers not people who cope and deal with stuff. What are you?

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