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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Starting your day right

Start your day right -sofspics
How can I start my day right? Well, this was a question that I have asked a few years ago. Now, I have  found the key to start my day right. What works for me may not be to your liking, you need to find what works for you. I will discuss the common threads in this post.
I wake up in the morning to the songs of birds. That is one thing I really love about my home. I stay in bed for a few minutes in perfect stillness, thinking about my day and what I want to accomplish in it. I tell myself each day that I am healthy, happy and loved. I do the same for each member of my family. I always pray in the mornings, so I remember those who celebrate their birthdays or special days or those who have requested me for prayer. My friends and people whom I love parade before my mind's eye as I pray for them and wish them the best day ever.
I watch the sunrise from my kitchen as I start my day. I love the gentle morning breeze, the color of the sky and the smell of freshness around. I get to see the birds I love as I have my cup of coffee in the morning. Mornings are my time and I love them, I do all the cooking at home, but wait for my husband to make my morning cuppa.. I just love to drink that gift of love and savor my day as I begin it.
Then my morning flies past me.. the work of the day takes over.. But I am singing and praising God all the while... Somehow my days remain perfect most often. I make it a point to be grateful for everything. I hardly complain, a choice I have learned to make a few years ago. This attitude sees me through the rest of my day. I wasn't this person some years ago..  complaining and cribbing was my lifestyle, I would always complain about my mother's cooking. I complained about the strict discipline that she enforced upon us.. and I can tell you my life was not very happy, though I did not lack anything... well I did lack one thing a right attitude.
Now that I know better, I make it a point to start my day right. I spend time praying for those who have hurt me in some way. This way I send positive thoughts vibes and prayers their way. I have no enemies, love is the only pervading feeling that I let wash over me.. and right enough, my days are beautiful.
You too, could have beautiful days by starting your days right :) Try affirmation, positive thoughts prayers and love.. each day will work out beautifully for you. Focus on the beauty and the perfection around and you would be starting your day right!
Have a beautiful day!

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