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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Be inspired

Be inspired - sofspics
To be inspired is to have fire in your stomach. An inspired life is to live your life like there is no tomorrow. Let the leaves, the flowers, the birds, the trees inspire you, don’t let a moment of your life pass by like it did not matter. Let your zest and your gusto for life show up in the way you approach life. Wake up to a day of great happenings, expect the best and act like you are living your best life and you will. I always start my day saying the protection of the Lord is over us, His blessings are upon us and I shall fear nothing! I am inspired by what I say!
Swagger through your day enjoying the fine things of life, I mean even if you are having the worst day of your life. Do you ask how can you do that? Oh yes! you can ..if YOU WILL.
Yesterday I was having a nightmare of a lifetime... My little lad had an accident and a terrible one at that. Seeing the loss of blood the people around where shaken, and yet I kept repeating to myself and to my child, “Thank God you are safe.” I was the only one who remained calm till the end. My friend who brought the bad news to me was shaking, the person you drove us to the hospital, a total stranger was panicking. I was busy calling my doctor friends and asking them to meet me at the hospital. I was running my mind over the good samaritans who took care of my child and brought him home to me safely. I was counting my blessing holding my son's hands as the doctor sutured him up.. yes, I was allowed to be with him. Closing his eyes, holding his hands and reassuring him that all was well. In the OT I was laughing and cheering the nurses who were feeling sad for my boy.
Looking back at my day, I would say I am blessed. My doctors friends took care of everything. LOL I wasn’t even allowed to pay the bill. What a blessed life!
People I never knew were there to help us and do everything for us. I walked in like a princess and walked out like a queen. That is what I call an inspired life. You live your life the same way no matter what happens. Your inspiration is your life, is your thoughts, your attitude towards life. I refuse to be shaken, I refuse to be bitter and angry. I choose to be inspired and happy everyday!
I can only count the blessings of this life.. my friend who accompanied us to the hospital was angry with the man who knocked my boy down on the road. I was just grateful for life, for safety, for protection, for blessings and the the good people around me. You create your own reality. An exercise of faith in action. It is not enough to be inspired but it is important to let your inspiration hold you up through your day.. good and bad alike!
Have an inspired day!

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