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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Create your own reality

Create your own reality - sofspics
Life is all about creating your own reality. Most people take things as they come and are happy to exist in their reality. Mastering your own life is about creating your own reality, just the way you dreamed it up, the way you want it to be.
As a child I had a dream, I wanted to be a doctor. The dream did not become a reality for a few reasons.
I did not persist in my dream, I was so easily persuaded out of it because my mother did not think it possible. My brothers fed me with different dreams. My school did not adequately prepare me for it. Well, these could all be excuses for not perusing my dreams. The main reason was I did not know any better..
I have always been a seeker... I had pursued different religions much to the chagrin of my parents, but I found what I sought in one book.
NO, It is not The Secret. It is THE BIBLE. The Secret is only a plagiarized version of Biblical principles.
The principles are common and are adopted by all. This Book taught me how to create my own reality. I learned to 'speak the end in the beginning'. I learned to 'call into existence that which is not as though it were'...
The three main principles to making your own reality are -
Confess or declare with your mouth. Repeat the affirmation until you create what you want. 'Say to the mountain be uprooted and planted in the sea...and it shall be!' Mark11:22
Believe and you shall see.  The world says - see what you believe. Spiritual truths are often reverse of what is in the world.
Hold on to your faith and work out your beliefs.
Anything you repeatedly do or say becomes a part of your future. What you do today is what your future would consist of.
With out faith/belief it is impossible to achieve anything.
Today you need three things to create your reality -
A desire for something, this desire should be motivation enough to help you follow the process of 'seek and you shall find'.
Faith or belief that the thing you want is possible. It may seem like the impossible, but what you see is not the truth. What you believe in is The Truth - your truth. 'Believe and you shall see.'
Make it happen.. don't give up. 'Work out your faith'. Hold on to it. 'Fight the good fight of faith!'
It shall be manifested. You are ready to create your own reality!

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