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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Instant gratification - 3

Delaying the time between the need and the gratification helps you develop the most awesome quality in a human being called will power, self discipline or inner strength. Willpower ensures that you achieve almost everything you want.
This need to seek instant gratification is what gets people addicted and enslaved in some way to some substances.
By seeking instant gratification people are fixing their needs instead of fixing their problems. The deep seated problem may be a childhood issue of insecurity or abuse etc.. which really needs to be fixed to live a happy life. Instead, happiness is sought in a bottle or a pill or some chemicals... or even from some maladaptive behaviours.
As you focus on working out issues instead of grabbing what is in front of you, you would see the quality of your life improving in all areas.
You would see a generalized improvement in the way you cope and adapt to the people and things around you.
You would see that you have a better handle over your emotions too in the process.
People today, have more money than ever before and yet you constantly hear them saying, “I am broke.” Honestly where does the money go Impulsive buying, things that you don’t really need but want, wasteful spending, no concept of saving for a future.... Instant gratification is at the root of all this.
Seeking instant gratification is infantile behaviour according to psychologist. This shows that we have somewhere stopped growing into mature beings.
It is so sad that the younger generation is assailed by the media that constantly drills it into them that they need to seek instant gratification.. Are we failing our children? Maybe it is time to think.

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