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Monday, March 26, 2012

Instant gratification - continued...

Instant gratification, give it to me now, is the mode most of us are in. We do not want to wait. Now or never seems to be the mindset and why not? The world is willing to indulge us with instant this or that all the time!
What does seeking instant gratification do to you?
Well it does seem to do a lot more harm than we think it does. It lowers the quality of life. Well, it does empty my bank balance soon enough, if I am frequently taking away food from restaurants, it undermines my health over a period of time, it makes me lazy to a point that I start thinking I never need to put in any hard work for anything.. and the list goes on. 
I would live a life that is impoverished and without any survival skills that I may need. I picked up this rather strong example to drive home a point that seeking instant gratification lowers the quality of life. 
Working and waiting for something brings with the achievement the kind of pleasure that nothing else can bring. I remember my first salary with so much pleasure and pride. I had studied hard  for years to get that job. My first salary was well planned. I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it, because for years I had planned it that way. I bought my mother a lovely piece of clothing which she treasures to this day. When you work and wait, the value of what you have achieved just moves up by leaps and bounds.
What comes fast goes away fast too. Well, most people who have wealth and success have worked for it.  I see teenagers working for Call centers and being paid handsome salaries just after high school. Do they have value for the money they earn? Hardly anyone seems to have from what I have seen. I counsel these youngsters so often and they seem to think life is one easy ride. You can have anything the moment you want it. I would call them the instant gratification generation.  I also realize that they have no passion for living, they want to have fun, but there is no real joy in living. A real malaise of this generation.
The moment they join an organization they are looking for a raise, a promotion. You never get promoted without a test. A test proves your caliber or mettle. A test is what tells you where you stand. I love tests.. I always have.. and I always emerge stronger from tests because I know my worth. 
When you seek instant gratification there is no testing of your mettle. You weaken like the unused muscle. Your mind power or will power is at its weakest... can you achieve something with poor will power? Ask yourself that today.  

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