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Monday, February 27, 2012

Life is short - live positively without regrets

Life is short - live positively  sofspics

Life is short. I was once again forced to wake up to this truth last week. Life does not spare anyone, no matter how old or young you are. My friend, a doctor passed on, this last week of cancer.  She had great plans, a cancer foundation, research in natural medicine and the works. She never lived to see her dreams fulfilled, but I am so glad that she lived positively to the very end, having the courage to dream big. Her dreams lessened her pain, her eyes brightened as she spoke about them. Like a young girl, excitement showed up in her otherwise pain worn face and voice, her dreams made each breath she took easy.
Life is short, live positively. I mean LIVE, not exist.
Let every moment of your life be a moment full of rich and happy memories. Take time to enjoy the little things of life. I keep repeating this, but I guess I can never over emphasize it, for in the final equation it is not the big things that count, it is the little things of life. .
Do your family and friends come high on your list? It is these who will be with you and maybe even carry your heritage forward. How much of your life have you spent in making them happy and letting them know how you feel about them?
It is worth making everything you do, a moment of pure joy for yourself. It would be great if you could enjoy what you do especially as a career. This is where you spend a major portion of your waking life.

How you live your life would be a great tribute to you after you have passed on. I was at a funeral service a couple of weeks ago. Great tributes were paid, but having arrived just in time for the service, my husband and I found a place in the back rows of the packed church. There were whispers at the back, were they good?  No, they were not. People spoke in low whispers about the deceased, her anger, her stubbornness and her unforgiving nature. I was shocked. I am very sure that is not the kind of legacy that I would like to leave behind.
Why waste time being negative and unhappy? You have a choice to be happy and live positively with great hope and expectations to the very end.
Believe in yourself. You can make what you want of your life, and you are the only one who can do it.
Smile as much as you can, that is the least that you can give others, sometimes it could be a great gift. It has won me many friends.
Give as much of yourself to others, especially to those you love and those in need of love.
Never leave something that you have to do today pending for long, especially in the area of forgiveness and love.
It does not matter if the other person does not forgive, it is a baggage that he/she decides to carry. You would do yourself a big favor to forgive others and forget the harm or the negative stuff they brought into your life.
Negative acts, forget them! Refuse to dwell on them no matter how much you are challenged or incited into remembering them. Life is not worth dwelling on such things.
Desist  from worrying, worry eats into your today’s and makes you tomorrows painful.
Refuse to be cowed down by others.
Live your life positively! Life Is short!

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