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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Feeling overwhelmed by disease or illnesses

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Chronic illness or some progressively disabling illnesses do leave you overwhelmed. The very fact that you are not able to function to your true potential or that you are unable to do the things that you would like to do for yourself or your family could distress and emotionally and mentally overwhelm you. 

Watching your family go about their day doing all their work and having to help you could fill you with a sense of helplessness and self-pity. Some people quickly give into these negative ways of coping with illnesses. Depression, a sense of worthlessness, a feeling of alienation among other things could be other negative ways in which an individual copes with such events in life.
What is most needed at a point like this is to think positively and cope positively with the illness that is afflicting you. Negative thinking is a way of giving in to the illness/condition and admitting defeat. It is like telling yourself, ‘I am beat, I will never have  a normal life.’ 

A negative attitude often allows the disease to spread or intensify. Your brain takes the cue from you and so does your body, it stops fighting the disease in anyway it could.
Research does prove that only 30% of any illness is physiological, 70% is mental/emotional  or spiritual. Research has also proved that faith often helps in coping with disease. Believing in yourself, in your strength and in God to see you through your difficulty is often what one needs, to overcome any illness or distressing situation.
I have seen so many people diagnosed with cancer and other illness who live lives that is full and negates their illness in every way. I have been through a period of time when I could not walk. I had to depend on my husband for everything. I broke down and cried the first two days, but having trained myself  to think positively in all circumstances, I refused to give in.The doctors had pronounced the sentence of disability upon my life. I refused to accept it and relied on my faith and positive thoughts and attitude to pull me out of the pit of a life of disability. In about five months I returned to a normal life. I wowed, never again, to take life or people for granted. I live with a gusto and passion that overwhelms others when they see me.
Every battle that is fought is first fought in the mind. Be strong. Tell yourself, ‘I can and I will’.
Look into the mirror gaze into your eyes and say it. Believe in what you say.
Fight the fight of faith and you shall live through cancer or any disease, it will not rule your life any more.
You take charge and be the one who orders and makes your life happen. It is hard, but not impossible.
’Nothing is impossible for him who believes’ is what the Bible says. Impossible is nothing! 
Let that word be uprooted from your life once and for all. 
Wishing you a positive life of inner-strength and courage!  

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