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Friday, March 2, 2012

Never say never

Never say Never - Sofspics
Never say never. Change is the only constant in life. Life changes all the time and the unthinkable becomes the norm at times. If you had said never many of your impossible dreams would have come to naught. Had someone told me that I would write and write on the www. a few years ago I would have said, “Never”.  If someone foretold that I would overcome my shyness and fear of public speaking I would have told them that they day dream, even while it was my unvoiced and cherished dream. Never is a big word. Like the word impossible I would like to axe the word ‘never’ out of my vocabulary. It just doesn’t mean a thing.
An earthquake, a Tsunami can change the very landscape of your life. I remember six years ago, a huge tsunami swept the southern coast of India and left devastation like we had never seen before. Many people whom I knew, who believed that nothing could shake their world were in for a terrible shock. The proud were humbled, the rich were shaken and the poor who thought they did not have much to lose realized their great loses.
Life is such.. there is nothing that is constant except change. Why say never when you do not even know what the next minute holds in store for you? The place where I live is a very safe belt and it was believed that we could never experience an earthquake. I felt my chair move as I was holding my newborn in my arms, I thought I was imagining stuff..but within minutes I knew what an earthquake felt like.... we felt a mild tremor minutes later. Pride has no place in a life like this. You need to know that each moment you live could be your last, so live it well.
I may not live to see the world end... but never is a meaningless word.
I would fight until my last breath to make all the never’s in my life forever. I believe in forevers. I believe in dreams. I believe that no one can take way my dreams by saying never. No one has the power to say never. My life is my own to make it whatever I want!
Do you believe that can be true for you too? Believe in forever. Never say never!

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