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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Its a good life

Its a good life - sofspics
I just sit here asking myself could life be any better? I inwardly know that it couldn't be any better. I have had not much time to think.. I have been working so hard on my computer all day and what makes me think that It’s a good life? I have been hurting bad, the death of my friend left me hollow and empty. I was wondering if it is going to take a long time to get out of this. Immersing myself in work both physical and mental I have been able to get myself rid of that sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
How is it possible to change your moods and emotions that way? - you may ask.
It is a decision that you make and you have the power within you to let something trouble you or not. Last week I was grieving so much, I forced myself to take a long walk. Oh! and what wonders it did to me. To see the jacaranda in bloom is always a dream for me... this tree does not remain in flower for long. There are just a few places here where there are a profusion of Jacaranda trees. It was a soul massage that I received walking in the cool of the day under those magnificent branches and arches of pale purple flowers. Nature has never let me down, she has always soothed and comforted me. I take refuge in her when I need it.
I make sure that emotions don’t drive me, I drive them. Having said that I believe the dull ache at having lost a friend is still there. But it does not immobilize me anymore. I have grieved and been through the whole gamut of feelings and now I am moving on with life.
Anger is another emotions that used to wreck my days. Now I refuse to feel angry no matter how much I am provoked. It flares up for a moment and then I am back to being my old loving forgiving self. It is such freedom to be your own boss. Others and their goading do not have an effect on you. Life is good. Yes, its a good life. Life couldn’t be better!
I lack nothing. Love and warmth surround me. Peace and harmony dwell within me. I have nothing to fear or worry about. (The truth is I do not let worry anywhere near me.) Its a good life.
Somehow I believe I could not have dreamed of anything better.
Being able to make the best of what you have is what makes this simple existence a beautiful life. I can say it all over again.. Its a good life.
Your attitude is what makes your life good or bad. Take a look at it today and the grey skies over head would start looking as good as my Hyacinth sky.

Its a good life

It is a great peace
that resides within
shining through
dark days
and gray skies
like the sun
that peeks
through the clouds
on rainy days
and bleak ways!
A slice of happiness
amidst the dullness
of cold days
that frown upon us!
Like a flower
that braves the snow
and spreads warmth
with its beautiful glow!
It is within
Yes, within you
that spark of magic
to transform your life
and exclaim
leaping into the sky
Its a good life! 

©sofs 2012
Have a great weekend! Peace!

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