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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Be your own Boss - self-improvement

Sofspics- Be your own boss
Well, most of us would love to be our own boss, remember that when you are your own boss, the buck stops with you.

Truly, you are your own boss, it just calls for taking responsibility over your life. Every decision you make, every word, every action or thought is your own. You may be influenced or even overpowered by pressure, but the final decision to do or not to do anything is yours and yours alone.
Just think of this - isn’t it exhilarating that you are your own boss. In the sense that you are entirely and wholly responsible for your life. 

Your every plan and purpose is designed, designated and fulfilled by you and you alone. How much more powerful would you like?

Yet, we live our lives as though we were puppets, driven by our impulses, cravings and desires and we have no power over them. 

Could it be true that you have no power over them? Maybe you should ask yourself this question.
If you have no power over your own thoughts, desires, impulses and action, why then would you want to be free person? You are technically driven by that part of you which you have no control over. You are a slave to your thoughts, desires, emotions and impulses. 

If, this is an area of concern to you, you really need to work on the way you live your life. Especially in the area of your thoughts and emotions. I have written quite a few posts on these topics when I stared this blog.
Taken control over your thoughts.

Taken control over your emotions.

You have more power than you think. You will be amazed at what you can achieve when you are in control over your life. 

With taking responsibility, comes success, achievements and accolades. 

You become a person whom others look up to. 

You become someone who is trusted and people like to hang out with. 

You become the one who influences others, because you have taken charge of what is yours (and not the other way around).

Set your goals and give your life direction and purpose today, as your own boss.

Plan on how to achieve them and follow through with them till the end.

Make a commitment to yourself today that you will never let yourself down, you will make things happen. 

Believe in yourself.

Refuse to come up with excuses, let the if’s and but’s belong to others. You become a person of action, your own boss. 

Do not at any point in time relinquish your authority over yourself. This means that you are in charge of your words, actions, ambitions, circumstances, mental and physical health. 

If you are ready for such a responsibility you ARE your own boss. No one/ no circumstance has power over you!! Success is yours!!

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