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Monday, October 10, 2011

Practice silence for personal growth and self awareness

Practice silence

shh..silence - sofspics
Silence is a wonderful way to get in touch with yourself. The noise of the world grabs our attention to all things around us. We know about everything and anything except ourselves. Silences is freedom from distraction and an opportunity to be focused.
Silence is just not being quiet in terms of not vocalizing your thoughts,  but sometimes we need to silence our thoughts as well. The inner noise is also equally distracting,  as long as it is about the outer world.
Silence is the art of being comfortable with yourself and within yourself. Take a day off to be with yourself, switch off your phones and music, television or your mails or whatever so that your mind is not distracted from the purpose. Many people are truly never alone even when they are, they live with constant noise of the Ipod or music system or even the television,  that they never have a chance to be just with themselves.
Silence is the  time to know the real you. It is good to know and be aware of your thoughts and where they are coming from. It is impossible to know the thoughts you think if you are constantly busy with the external world.
Silence is time for introspection. Without introspection it is impossible to know where you are and what you are..Without this self awareness you would never know for sure where you need to go or how you need to grow. Your personal growth depends on your practice of silence.
Silence is the time to focus on the inside. All our waking life we focus so much on the outside that we need to look in. A time for finding you, your inner peace.
Silence is 'me time'. It is time to purge your mind off negative thoughts, and feed it with positive thoughts for positive living. A natural detox for your mind.
Silence brings balance into your life. You need to quieten and calm down too, and listen not speak all the time, only in silence you listen to yourself.
Silence is a fast of the vocal chords and a time to retreat into yourself, to get acquainted with yourself and to learn to be your best friend.The silence between your experiences helps you learn from them, it is a great time of learning.
Silence is a time of converting mistakes into success. Drawing strength from your inner being and emerging stronger than before.
Silence is when your intuition speaks, a time to hear the quiet inner voice.
Silence is the time of making your every word powerful. I love the power of silence that when I emerge out of it , I am heard more loudly, more carefully and with more consideration.
The Bible says that even a fool who is silent would be considered wise.
Silence is the rest for your mind from external stimuli and awakening to the internal world that is you.

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