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Thursday, August 4, 2011

5 Important resources for Personal development

Personal development or self growth is easy to achieve if you garner the resources that you have and focus on them. The power to change yourself lies within you. Most often we are searching high and low for the things that are right under our nose. The things that we see often become unattractive and seem unimportant to us. Similarly we seek the resources outside of us to bring the changes within us. Today I would like to draw your attention to the things that are in you. There is tremendous power within you that is truly underutilized.

The 5 important resources for personal development are within your absolute control, so do not hesitate. They are your thoughts, will, emotions, your attitude and physical energy. With these resources you need to look no further. The power of your mind is the power within you, to achieve the unachievable.
We shall discuss each of these in detail. The first resource that we shall discuss is your thoughts.

Resource # 1 Your Thoughts.  Your thoughts determine the direction your life takes. The thoughts that you think define your destination. If your thoughts are positive then there is no stopping you. You would be able to see opportunities at every roadblock.

If you waste your precious resources whining and cursing your fate, you not only get left behind but you also dig a pit for yourself that gets deeper, the longer you stay there. Instead if you can see this hindrance that you face, as extra time  to develop your skills, or find alternative ways to approach your goal, you are harnessing your potential for growth. Day after day I see people whine and have pity parties and I happen to see those people in the same place many years later.

How you perceive your situation or the people in your environment determines how you will react to them. If you see people as smart, intelligent, resourceful or faithful, you will have so many qualities to imbibe and a huge resource to benefit from. You would learn from each person what they are good at. Instead if you look at them as threats, or adversaries, or usurpers or even as competition then you need to look into yourself. This may come from deep seated feelings of inadequacy and insecurity.

Negative thoughts do not allow you to grow or progress further, instead you get caught in a mire of bitter or negative emotions like fear, jealousy, anger etc. that cripple you. Right thinking directs the rest of your resources in the right direction and allows your mind to be focused on your goals.

Get over such negative thoughts today. Change your thoughts and your life will change in the right direction.

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