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Friday, July 29, 2011

How to change my life - Be the change

How to change my life - Be the change, become the change.

Your future is decided by the changes that you make today. What kind of changes are you willing  to make? Are you ready for your future?
M. K. Gandhi said “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” These words are pearls of wisdom. You need not only be the change you want to see, but also become the change you want to see.
We often waste time, energy and feel defeated waiting for changes to happen. We feel cheated and victimised because we are expecting others to change instead of changing ourselves.
Have you considered this - Why would the world change for you/me?

How often have you wished that your boss would change, or the people around you would change or maybe even your circumstances would change? I have been there and done that, I can tell you nothing ever happens. I had a pity party in which I was the hostess and the only guest, can it get any bleaker than this?

How can I change my life?
Change always starts with ‘You’. Yes, you are the center of your world, not this wide world.
You cannot change the world, that is beyond you. You can change yourself, that is well within your limits.
Instead of living in a fantasy land, an idealistic world, touch base with reality and bring about the changes that you want to see, first, in yourself and your little world will follow suit.
Unless you realize this truth there is no scope for personal development or self growth, or self Improvement.
Being shy by nature and given in to a certain amount of introversion, I found it slightly difficult to approach people.  I wanted to be with people, I loved being with people, but for this internal issue. I expected people to approach me, speak to me or invite me to places. The days were long and cold, no one ever did.
It was then I learned this truth that changed my life - Be the change, become the change you want to see.
I started with small things, I came up with bright sparks and one liners when I was with people. I was noticed.
Encouraged I forged ahead with approaching people, sharing my happiness with others. It was difficult at first.
Gone are those days when I waited - now I am sought after by my friends, who think I am the most bubbly, cheerful person around :) ( if they only knew.- LOL)
Take those small steps. Face your enemy, become the change.
Don’t worry about what you cannot change - there is much you can change to make your life better. Focus on that and go about it.
“Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they are yours” - Richard Bach, Illusions
I also learned another principle of life and change. - What you admire you become. Yes, that is very true, I have admired certain qualities in people that I have imbibed them and have made them my own.
What are you waiting for?  You can be the change.
If I could, you have a greater chance of doing it. Go on change your life, become the change. Become someone’s inspiration today!!

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