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Monday, August 8, 2011

5 resources for personal growth (continued - Resource # 2)

Personal development or self growth can be achieved by harnessing the power within. In continuation ( 5 resources for personal development)of the what was discussed earlier in this section we shall spend time on understanding  Resource #2 Your will.

Your will or your decision making capacity is your second and main resource. You cannot move forward or even backward without making a decision. Every moment of our life is spent in making decisions.Whether we are aware of the processing that goes on in the brain or not, it happens all the time. You start your day with,  'Should I wake up now or should I have a few more minutes in bed?', 'What will I have for breakfast?', 'What clothes should I wear?' to state a few examples.

These are everyday decisions that take us one way or the other, but we also make bigger decisions that are life changing. In order to make any changes in life we need to exercise our will power. No change is possible without you making a decision in that direction. Even if you are influenced by others and or think that you are pushed into making a change, no one can move you until you decide to be moved. No change will ever be effective or life changing if your heart and commitment is not in it.

Self growth depends on your will. You need to make choices and decisions about certain aspects of your life, where change is needed. All decisions should stem from a deep felt need for change..and your reason should be because you “want to” and not “have to.”
Decisions need to be endorsed with your personal commitment and desire to improve.
You need to exercise your will over all the obstacles that come against you from pursuing your goals.
You will needs to be directed towards action and motion, in the direction of the goal.
You need to motivate yourself and not depend on external motivation.
The strongest part of you is your will.. we often underestimate the power within us by saying we are weak.
Think strong and you shall be strong.
Make sure you are directed by your will and not your friends and peers who may want you to hang out with them or do the things they want to do.

Make sure you have your priorities right and stick to your guns. Your goals would have to follow you.
You only need to recognise the power within you, you can work against all odds.

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