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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

5 resources for personal Development

Your emotions an important resource for personal growth and self improvement
Resource no 2 for personal development
Emotions are like horses, they have so much force and power to pull your thoughts, attitudes and actions in any direction they please. Emotions have a will of their own and can drive you, it is important that you be a master of your emotions. Letting feelings of low envelop you could lead to you being unable to concentrate and function at your optimal levels.

Power in emotions can be channeled to become active change agents. You can convert negative emotions into positive driving forces, for instance anger towards people can be turned towards learning and change. If the critical views of others about your abilities make you angry or feel hurt you  can turn this emotion which is directed at the person or yourself towards learning a new skill or improving an existing skill and let your action speak for itself. This way you could avoid conflicts, feelings of sadness or feelings of depression and make positive use of your emotions.

Another very positive use of emotions is when you apply yourself to doing a particular task with passion. Psychology teaches us that the more we expose ourselves to a particular task we acquire a taste for it. For example if you are constantly exposed to some new kind of music though you do not like it initially, you slowly learn the lyrics due to constant exposure and later you start singing and enjoying that kind of music. Constantly expose yourself to those tasks that you need to master. It helps you develop familiarity with the task..Associating positive emotion and visualising positive outcomes and emotions from the task enables you to develop a great liking or even a passion  for the task at hand.

Pleasant emotions associated with tasks or learning processes help you achieve better result and  bring in more energy to handle the task. Make it a habit to be happy always. Channel your positive energy to the right direction to achieve your goal of personal development.

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