"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Stop worrying - Constant worrying is a disease.

Why you need to stop worrying?

Stop worrying, yes worrying is a disease. Worrying just grows upon you, give it a little place and it will be all over you (in the form of various dieases). It is the cancer of your mind, it grows gradually and occupies the whole mind causing pain and suffering to you and to others who love you. Slowly it robs you of your today and leaves you no tomorrows to look forward to.
Leo Buscaglia  said, "Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow, it only saps today of its joy." That is so true. Worrying is to anticipate trouble, as if today does have enough of its own. The root cause of worry is negative thinking.  Worrying is negative thinking that is put into action. Constant worrying amounts to a life of misery - that is a living hell. It is like constant movement in a rocking chair, though you are in motion you never get anywhere. Constant worrying never lets you enjoy your moment.
Do you still want to keep it? The choice is yours. A life without worry is a blessing. You enjoy every moment. You are happy to be you and take things as they come. Remember worrying never ever solves any problem. The Bible says you cannot add even an inch to your life. Yes, the truth is you may lose a lot by worrying. You cannot live as long as you worry. So stop worrying and start living. 
Are you asking how do I stop worrying and start living
Remember worry is irrational fear about a possibility that may or may not happen. Why waste time on things that are a vague possibility and lose your joy over them?
It is easy, to overcome the problem of constant worrying.
It is just a habit that you have formed and all habits can be broken and new habits can be formed with bunch of determination and effort.
Focus on the present.  Keep your mind where it should be.
Do all you can.
Think positively, replace all negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Eg. When you sart thinking what if I am rendered jobless. Replace it with. I have a job now. I will ensure that I do my best and keep it as far as I can.
Don’t give in to worrying, each time it assails you, speak to it, tell it that it has no place in your life.
Make time to enjoy what you have. Don’t take people and relationships for granted.
Remember that worry does not help. You will have busy life worrying but achieve nothing but diseases like hypertension, Peptic ulcers, digestive problems, cardiac problems etc.
Is it worth it?  Do you want to continue worrying... throw it out and live life to the fullest.


  1. 'It is like constant movement in a rocking chair, though you are in motion you never get anywhere.' Absolutely - Worry keeps your mind busy but gets you nowhere. Most of our worries will never manifest themselves and we shouldn't allow any worry to grow out of proportion to the thing that we fear. Most of us may worry needlessly, and if we understand the underlying fear then it's possible to lessen the worry or even remove it totally. Worry is a form of mental illness which can lead to physical illness, so ultimately to have a healthy body we need a healthy mind. Thanks for sharing this excellent post.

  2. Dear Ritchie, you have summed it so well!! Thanks for the read and endorsement. I appreciate this greatly :)

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