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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Why Failure is Good - Dance like No One is Watching

Self-consciousness or shyness, robs us of our natural passion and zeal for living. As babies our learning was exploratory, experiential and inquisitive by nature. Risk taking was high and parents had to constantly protect us from the dangers involved.
It is good to fail - sofspics © sofs 2013

However, each time our curiosity was restrained we have learned to control our instincts and learn more from instruction than from sensory learning.  The down side to this is that our healthy curiosity and desire for experimentation has been sacrificed at the altar of self preservation. Another discouraging side of this learning style is that we have confused making mistakes with failure.  

Making mistakes is an important element of learning. As babies when we started to walk we fell many times, this did not stop us from walking ever again. We rose up from each fall striving harder to find our balance. How is that we shy away from falling/ failing or making mistakes as adults? We seem to be a delicate generation of people shielded from mistakes, falls and even from even from the truth at times.

Many people say they are ‘shy’. Could this be just another word for not wanting to fall below the mark, not wanting to fall in the eyes of others, not wanting others to think that you can’t do it?

We need to break loose from these chains of what others think of us. What they think is their own business. Your life and what you do with it, is your own. When you have learned to get out of this mental oppression you will be able to be your own free person, happy, willing to take calculated risks and free to follow your dreams.

Fail to succeed. Success and failure, are not the end of life, they are just milestones that you pass along the way.

Forget those around you. Let them live their life. You let  your hair down and dance like no one is watching. Love your life, live it with passion. 

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