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Friday, December 6, 2013

10 Ways to Stay Positive in Life

To stay positive is a matter of choice and habit. The following tips are simple, easy to follow and could help you change the way you think, if you would put them to practice. If I could become positive you certainly can; don’t give up or give in.
Stay Positive - sofspics

1. Make a list of people/things you are grateful for; add five or more new things to your to gratitude list each day. Be sure to add at least one positive thing about your
  •  spouse/partner 
  •  kids/home
  •  job
  •  Friends
  •  health each day
2. Stop whining and complaining about the people/things that are not right in your life, find ways to set them right. Whining or even hanging out with friends who complain can make you feel down and want to complain too. 

3. Believe in yourself. Get to know yourself better. Learn to appreciate yourself.

4. Be yourself. Give your best to all that you do and let the results be.

5. Don’t let people get to you. Take charge of your emotions.

6. Don’t wait for others to befriend you, go out of your way to smile and compliment others around you.

7. Don’t wait for people to make you happy, go ahead and fill your life with the simple things of life that make you happy.

8. Reach out to others who are less fortunate than you.

9. Surround yourself with positive people.

10. Simplify your life. Avoid clutter and wastefulness.

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