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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Facing Life

Facing Life - wikimedia commons
We cannot credit everyone who is alive with facing life. To face life you need to stand up boldly and face the adversities and challenges that stand before you everyday. The pain that life brings is one of the greatest fear that people face. What if I am hurt? So what?

Where you not hurt when you started to ride your bicycle or  while you learned to take your first steps?

Do you like pain? I do not like pain. However, I personally deal with it in different ways.

Oftentimes I refuse to acknowledge it. I go about my business as if it did not exist. I give it no credit for the things it does to my life, instead I focus on what I can do to make my life better despite the pain. I credit myself with success when I can achieve what I want to despite the pain, be it physical or mental.

I wanted to share with you a story of pain. (This is my creative piece there may be flaws in it but this is just an illustration)

A sculptor once found a huge rock on one of his long walks. He kicked it and left pain cruising through his leg. He gave the rock a second look, he got interested in what he saw. He saw in it the most beautiful woman he had ever laid eyes on. He chipped away at the rock. He was at it day and night and wouldn't let go until he found her.

The rock was in pain, terrible pain, more pain than when it was kicked at.
It thought that it had lost its form and beauty and had nothing of value in it anymore. It was depressed. (if any stone could get depressed)

It got to a point where it did not care what happened to it anymore. It resigned itself to its fate until a man came along and adoringly touched it. He looked with admiration at the rock like none had ever seen it before.

The rock was pleasantly surprised.
Then they were groups of people who came to see it. There were cameras all around it. Lights exploded in its face. There were million bidding to buy it, but the sculptor would never part with it. He was madly in love with his creation.

The pain it had endured had made the ordinary rock become a thing of artistic value and intrinsic beauty.
The chisel and the hammer had now become its allies.

Consider these points -

Pain often brings out the best in us.
Of course, no one likes pain, we all want to avoid it.
Avoiding pain does not change anything about us.
Acknowledging pain and facing life causes us to become better people. To acknowledge pain one need not wail and mourn. You know it is there, so focus on what makes you hurt less and achieve more.
Life is ridden with difficulties, you cannot run away from pain each time, you might end up running away from life. Stand up and face life today!

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  1. You...are...awesome! This blog is so great. I really hope more people read this and get what you're saying, because let me tell you, its important stuff.