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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

No Not Yet

No,not yet! - sofpics
No, not yet! I love these words. This is such a positive way of saying a negative fact. Have you reached your goals? No, not yet! Have you completed the task? No, not yet! There is so much hope in these words. There is a continuity of action that can be anticipated. There is hope yet.

My guru often reprimanded me when I used the word "No" in answer to his questions. His teaching were often in the form of questions. He would ask something like - have you read that part of scripture that I had asked you to.. and if I had to answer in the negative, he would roll up his eyes and look at me as if to say.. woman will you ever learn. It has been years since since I sat at his feet listening to his voice.. but his words are alive in me.. they speak to me in every situation. He would often tell me that there is a finality about that word, 'No' He told me that he did not like the sound of it.

I have learned my lesson. Now, I prefer to say, No, not yet!
The time between the contemplation and the completion is bridged by the present. What happens in the later part often depends on what you are doing now. When I say 'not yet', I means I am actively pursuing the thing that you are asking about. That also means I am on the way to my goals, my dreams maybe delayed, not destroyed, no, not until I believe they are. The moment I believe that I have not reached my goals, I have already failed. My thoughts become the precursor of the things to come. I have already given up, my mind lets go, my body obeys the command of my mind. 

Never say never. Never let go, are two things I live by. I believe and so I hold on to these two principles. They fire my motivation and my determination. No matter what happens I will achieve my goals, this becomes my motto. They define the way I live. They suddenly give me a purpose and propel me in the direction of my dreams... What happen or doesn't is a matter of coincidence. I am responsible for my actions and my destination. I believe in myself.
The word yet... adds so much more meaning to the word 'no'. When you say 'yet' you tend to negate what you said before that.. I have fallen, yet I rise again... says so much about your attitude.
No, not yet.. I am not yet ready to pack my bags and go... I fight the fight of faith... and nothing can stand in my way. As I give expressions to my thoughts my direction and destination come into a clear light.

No, not yet... There is promise of the things to come. Don't give up just because people around you have no faith. Believe.. The scripture says.. All things are possible for him who believes... And why not?

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