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Saturday, June 23, 2012

How to Be Positive

How to be positive- sofspics
It is ironical that I write this post when life seems to be serving me aces. I don’t even know how to tackle them, but I know one thing - How to be positive.
I can be positive in the face of anything and this is what I have discovered through all this. Isn't that wonderful?
I lost a friend of mine recently to cancer, a dear relative and friend of mine to heart attack and some upheavals in life, I am torn and miserable inside. Yet, I can see the other side of this pain. My resilience has been my greatest strength. Mind you, like you, pain and sorrow pull me down but, I do believe that there is more to life and that the best is yet to come.
My positivism has been my stronghold, my courage and what defines me as a person.
While I have been through all this, my emotions have been chaotic, but the fact that I have learned to be positive, keeps them in check.
I have learned that I am not fragile, but behind the gentleness, I have developed nerves of steel.
I have held the hand of my dying friend, looked into her eyes, I have seen that there is nothing to fear. Fear does not hold me captive anymore, I was there once.- the death of my father had plunged me into fear of death and fear of the unknown.
How did I learn to be positive? It was a tough journey, I have had to change the my thoughts, their pathways, I have had to be constantly vigilant of what I let into my mind.
It was a hard lesson, but worth the learning.
My first principle is - Believe.
Believe that if life hands you lemons - it is summer and it's time to sip lemonade on the beach!
LOL! Whoever thought lemons were bad? I love lemonade. It is an awesome drink. Iced lemonade, on a summer day? Unsurpassable!
The flavor that lemons provide to my salads and curries - exotic and special.
What I mean here is this - learn to look at the positive side of everything. I believe that life is a book of learning. To the willing, it opens itself to provide wisdom and experience. What have you learned from your personal tragedies?
I have learned not to complain. Complaining makes you weak. It tells you that you are powerless. On the other hand working to make things right and positive action keep your focus and emotions balanced.
I refuse to let others have power over me. If they pro
I am in control of how I think and feel, almost always.
‘Hope’ is a wonderful word. It is this word that has got me through the most difficult phases of my life. It has fought battles for me. The best orthopedicians in the country told me I may have to be an invalid. I refused to believe in what goes against me. I hoped for the best.. I was back again like a lioness on my feet, snarling and protecting my young ones. I lead an active life, more active than most people, despite the verdict.
Being positive is letting your spirit become indomitable. Never cowed down by circumstances and pain. If you believe - you can do it. Impossible is nothing.
My every dream has come true. This is so because, hope, faith and corresponding action can get you places that practicality can never can!
Believe me .. I know what I am talking about.. I know that if I can, you can too! Be positive!

Listen to this song if you will... though it is about Christmas .. it is about hope and faith.. and life .. it may speak to you if you need this message today.


  1. A positive attitude is always better which will help us get through any problems. Life is as you look at it. If you can see it with a positive mind you will be the winner.
    Great article, Sofs!


  2. Thanks Lakshmi, You are right about that ! Thanks for the visit and the comment :)