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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I want to change my life

I want to change my life - sofspics
“I want to change my life”, a youngster told me this morning. Having known him for sometime I said, “Yes, you may want to get rid of some habits and develop some new ones. You may also want to look at the way you think”. He responded the way I expected him to, “Yes, but those are too difficult I have tried them before. Tell me something that is simple, I have very little time”.
"Yes, But..." Get rid of those excuses which are making your life miserable. This is just one example, I find many like this young man everyday. They come to me because they need help, but.... they really don’t want to go through the pain of getting rid of those behaviors that prevents them from living the life they want to.
Find your reasons to change. Make them more stronger by asking yourself the  why, what, and how questions.  Start desiring them to the point you start thinking you cannot live this way anymore.
People know that they need to change, but do not find the motivation to do the things they have to do. People are afraid of change. Change means being pushed out of your comfort zones into new and uncharted waters. Being driven by fear is the sure way to fail.
The lack of motivation could be another reason. Half-hearted attempts that are unconvincing in themselves are yet another. Motivation needs to come from within. Intrinsic motivation is the only way to get you through matters of self improvement. You need to want the change so bad, pressure from external sources can only help to a certain extent. Change has to be about you.
Your thoughts,your limiting beliefs are what could stand between you and your progress. Don't be limited by your mind. You could be your own worst enemy. Don’t settle for the poor second. Make sure that your goals are well defined and you plan adequately to reach them. 

Change your thoughts and change your life. Have a wonderful day!

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