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Monday, May 7, 2012

Declutter your life

Declutter your life - sofpics
Clutter is a huge distraction. It distracts you from the important and more demanding events of life to the trivial. You spend more time sorting through stuff,rather than sorting out stuff. To declutter your life you need to declutter your mind. 
Negative emotions, hurts, negative memories etc leave you feeling burdened and crippled emotionally. If you hold on to the negative emotions, memories, pains and hurts you are likely to be lost and lonely. You need to learn to let go of these. They hold you in the past and you reference every event of your present life to the past negative emotions and memories.
Your emotions are always colored by these negative and painful memories, they form your interface to your present experiences. You never seem to live the moment with this baggage that you carry. Let go.. Live and let live. 
Declutter your mind as systematically as you would do to your desk. Check on each piece of emotion, pain, memory or hurt and examine it. Check if it has any value for you.. alternatively you could ask yourself, “How will it aid my progress?”... If you find something of significance in there, label it and file it for future reference. If it is of no value to, you just imagine it receding into the distant past and blow it away, until you see it no more.
Often when people dwell on such negativity they come up with conspiracy theories and start believing that everyone is against them. They allow their rational minds to be overtaken by Paranoid thoughts. Sometimes it is ridiculous to think that people have nothing better to do other than plot against you. Hey, remember that other folks have a life to live and a life with it own set of complications to keep them occupied. 
Move on. You need to show yourself some more compassion. Declutter. Throw out the stuff that is making you sort through all the time... sort out those those, once and for all, throw them in the garbage heap and move on. 
Decluttering your life allows you to enjoy each moment of your life. Pursue your passions and do not let your mind wander into the old, dark, cluttered alley ways of your life. 
Enjoy your every day!

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