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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

How to Free Your Mind

How to Free your Mind
How to free your mind - sofspics
A free mind is an open mind. It is clear, without prejudice or bias. Every person or opportunity is met with the same level of openness and expectation. A free mind as it implies does not have baggage from the past or points of negative reference. It is easier to gain more from your experiences, if you do not have all those voices in your head telling you, how it is going to be, even before you have had an opportunity to check things out for yourself.  Free your mind!
How to free your mind?
Great question! How to get rid of the baggage of the past? Dump it.

I am serious. What do you do with the things you no longer need? 
Well, if you are a compulsive hoarder you would keep it, no matter how useless it is to you. Your mind might tell you, “I may need it for the future’ or ‘There might come a day when I would need it” When you collect stuff that you no longer need, you are occupying storage space, utility space and living space. So is it with your mind. Get rid of those hurts and thought of the past that only serve to make you more miserable.
Learn to free your mind of mental garbage. The past is past, leave it behind. Live each day as though you do not have a care in the world. Easy said than done... I can hear you mutter.
Chose what you think... Yes, don’t you chose whom you are with, what you wear, or what you eat? In the same way, choose your thoughts.
Our thoughts are closely associated with our values. If someone has hurt me, my learned values tell me to forgive and forget. This is because I have been brought up that way or chosen to live based on these principles.
When you chose something that is against your values, there is a constant battle within. You mind has so much backend processing to do all the time.
Refuse to allow thoughts that are not in sync with your choice of thoughts. If I chose to forgive, I will not let thoughts of hurt and pain that the person has caused to occupy my mind. I focus on what I want to do and the place I want to reach. Focus is the key.
You cannot empty your mind or free it of thoughts, Mission IMPOSSIBLE.

Get rid of the negative thoughts and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Instead of lingering over the hurt feelings, I now focus on the good times, or why it would be great to move on.
Sometimes it is not worth investing so much emotion and time or some people or things. You really need to make a conscious decision.
How to free your mind... part two - to be continued in my next post.

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