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Sunday, April 15, 2012

Enjoy your life - Ten things you could quit doing

Continuing from the last post...

Enjoy your life
Stop bending over to please others. Well, I have a problem in this area. I love to please others because I love to see people happy, but to compromise my joy of life at the cost of others is foolish. I often overdo things to please someone. It was my son’s birthday a few days ago and I had worked like a mule to ensure that the party was a hit. It was, but the next day I almost had to cancel my appointment, a commitment that I made sometime ago,because I was way too tired. I honestly have much to do in this area.. if you bend over too much you really would not enjoy your life from that angle. Some People could become highly resentful in the long run.
Do not take everything personally. People have their opinions, as you have yours. Don’t take everything they say about you personally. You have a better understanding of your circumstances and situations and the information you have is much more deeper than their superficial understanding of you. You need to know when you could take some opinion and when you need to discount them - an objective frame of mind is what you need. 
Do not be afraid to stand up for what you believe in. I am sometimes told that I quote too many scriptures or quote too often from the Bible. I am glad to be told that because, that is where my foundation lies. My life my values are all based on the Biblical principles. I teach from the Bible and study it for a few hours each day. I take pride in my faith and beliefs as they have made me what I am. 
Do not fear to apologize. Say sorry if you have to. It takes a lot more courage to say sorry than to defend your mistakes. Saying sorry increases the respect people have for you. They would see you as a person who has the courage to admit it when you are wrong. It makes life easier and more enjoyable when you do not have to be on the defensive all the time..
Don't quit having fun. I have more fun than my kids. Age does not stop you from having fun. It is your attitude. I am always joking and pepping things up. I do it because I want to have fun. I laugh all the time, my laughter has become so much a part of me that people identify me by my laughter and miss me if I am not there.. What I would like to tell you is that life is only as much fun as you would let it be. 
Enjoy your life and live each moment, anticipating that the best is yet to come!

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