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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Positive thoughts - why they don't work for you

Positive thoughts work - sofspics
Positive thoughts don’t work for me. I hear this often. If you are a part of this chorus..here are a few thing you may want to check out..

Are your thoughts deep enough? Do they pervade your whole life or are they just a fantasy which you think may or may not happen. Thinking positive thoughts are good, but you have to go all the way. Do you recheck on the way you speak or your attitudes. Do they align? If they don’t your mind is not releasing all of its power. You are exerting force in possibly ten different directions.
Apply what you learn. When I say apply I mean you have to get serious about using what you learn. Reading about positive thinking alone will not help. Be aware of the kind of thoughts enter your mind. Make a decision today - do they deserve to be there. Are they worth that mindspacearena they occupy?
When I started out on my journey in positive thinking I had the same issues. I would think, ‘Oh it may work for you not me..’ but I saw it working for my mentor and he would challenge me to it.  
Since this was my own brother I got to watch him exercise his will power. His thoughts would never stray elsewhere. He was focused. He had gained around ten pounds in excess of his desired weight and I thought it was the time to challenge him. He took his challenge seriously and put his thoughts to work. He would keep telling himself that his metabolism is at its fastest. He went one step further and tailored himself a suit that would have been too tight for him.. but it wasn't. He had lost weight within the two weeks that the shop took to deliver it to him. The power of positive thought.
If you do not align your thought with your action it is not going to work for you. Alignment is everything. Integrity of thought, words and action precedes the fulfillment of your desires. The resistance in you in the form of doubts unbelief and questions will rise up to the top and contaminate your positive thoughts. Integrity is being free from internal resistance towards your beliefs and actions.
If you are too negative in some areas you need to find a way to work through the circumstance. You may have to find a way to make your positive thoughts believable and achievable. You cannot start thinking I will be the richest guy on earth when you don't have a job. A more positive and achievable one would be, ‘I am sure to find an excellent job that would take care of all my needs’ and then work from there. Your thoughts have to be grounded in reality. They would fail when you do not find the reason to believe in what you think, as they seem unrealistic or impossible.

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