"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Living alone - fly high

Fly high - living alone
If you live alone don't fret... often that is the training ground to fly high. People at the top live alone. There is not much company at the top. I lived alone for a few years in a strange, small town with its restricted and narrow views. There was not much of a social life there. All I knew was my office and the huge house I rented. People looked at me strangely, but I was used to living in my space. I needed  a huge place. There were many lessons that I learned from living there. If you fly high you paid the price. You also learned valuable lessons for life. I learned independence and valued it a lot. My decisions were my own. I was responsible for every move I made, I had no confidant or consultant. I learned from my mistakes. My life became my own. My choices and values often left me alone.. holding on steadfastly to them helped me find my reward - strength of character and purpose. It was well worth the difficulty. This served me well as I later headed  the HR department in a huge corporate. I could not reveal many things to others until the management decided to do so. I was already trained for it. Confidentiality became the name of the game I played as a HR head. I had to be responsible for every decision I made. Those years of being alone taught me those things.
Every period or phase in life prepares you for life ahead. How you approach those phases is what really counts. If you believe that this is the hardest.. it would be so. You have already set in motion that thought, which would bring you to your destiny. When you approach a new but formidable task as an opportunity to learn and experience a new phase of life, it magically turns itself into something that is indeed interesting and full of new opportunities. Being alone is a place you could reach even amidst a crowd. I can still be among the crowds and be in my own private space, because I have learned to live in my own skin while enjoying each moment of it. Living alone has it upside and down side.. what is it you want to see?
If you want to count your losses, you could count them all day. If you only had eyes for the gains, the sky is the limit. It was in this loneliness that I met the love of my life. In the midst of madness I found my peace. Honestly if I had taken the easy way out I would have missed the opportunity of my life. It is in your darkest hour that the light seems to appear the brightest.
My guru would always tell me, "Sofs, if there is no test there is no promotion." Your endurance and mettle is tested before your promotion presents itself to you. I cherish these words so much... endurance has become my strength... and there is always a rainbow in the thunder storm. Living alone is your ticket to flying high. 
When you have your ideals and values you may often be left alone.. living alone in world that you believe in, is definitely better than living in a hell of which you have no part.
An eagle soars only with its kind..  often alone... Eagles do not socialize with the likes of the pigeons, the crowd mongers... Eagles do not flap around and flutter..they glide in the strength of their wings aided by the currents of air that lifts them even higher and to a lonlier place still!
Become the Eagle living alone and flying high!


  1. Hi Sofs, I've been reading your blog in my reader. I can really relate to this post as I have lived alone for a long time--but not now. It does take a while to get comfortable in your skin, I too lived in a rural community for quite a few years and as a woman with no children, I was left alone and probably viewed with a certain amount of suspicion. Eventually you are no longer primarily aware that every thing you do to 'entertain' yourself you do alone.

    I met someone and I now live with them, but frankly I was happier and healthier when I was on my own. I'd like to get back to living alone but realise that I am actually being challenged in ways that would not have happened were I on my own and this helps me know myself better and grow. Still, like I said, healthier and happier when I was on my own.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Each phase of life is an opportunity to learn and grow and I am glad that you see it as one. I appreciate your contribution to this post. Have a great day :)