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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Living healthy starts in your mind

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Living healthy starts in your mind. I had just written an article on reducing your cholesterol naturally and on positive thinking and I have emails that ask me if they could continue to live they way they are used to and yet change or become healthy human beings.
I believe you can only live healthy if you start thinking healthy. To start thinking healthy use your imagination. Imagine yourself in a healthy new body amidst lush greenery which you could associate with natural unrefined diet.
You could also associate this healthy looking body with exercise in natural environs. Imagine yourself being one with the goodness of nature in more ways than these. This will help you change the picture you have of yourself tied to your office chair or your computer.
Change the look on your face, visualize an active, younger looking and happy you.
Now, go ahead and plan your activity. I have a problem being an online writer I find myself tied to my chair, when I want to relax I am sprawled on the bed. This is my main activity for about 11- 12 hours in a day. I decided to make some changes. All the things that I need were around my comp table, now they are placed further. Which means that I have to get up and walk. I couple my walks with watering my plants, dusting, or even taking care of the laundry. Often this ends up with me doing more jobs. This is not only effective in getting household chores done but a healthy practice for my back which tends to suffer with longs hours at the workdesk.
Imagine the fulness and the richness of a healthy life and put yourself in the midst of that picture. You need to know that you have to motivate yourself to achieve that healthy life, so make it as attractive as you could ever imagine. Perhaps the picture of a fit body in some fancy beachwear could motivate you, then you should make it a point to visualize yourself in this picture, until it drives you to get there. You will never achieve something if you don't really want it.
Unless you change the way you live in your mind you cannot establish these changes for real in your life. The opposition from within could overwhelm you.
Fire your imagination and start living healthy in your mind first. Then you would find it easier to adapt to the changes you want to make.

To be continued in a post shortly...............

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