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Friday, April 13, 2012

Enjoy your life - 10 things you need to quit to enjoy life everyday

Enjoy your life - sofspics
Enjoying life is not about parties and holidaying. You need to learn to enjoy the life you live everyday, wherever you are. Can you enjoy your life as it is at this moment? If you don't, you need to stop and change  some things that could be taking your joy away.
Stop worrying. Do you worry a lot? Worry is like a bag with hole in it.. whatever you put into the bag sooner or later drains out. Give what you do your best shot and let the outcome be... worrying does not add to your life. It only serves to take away your happiness. It does not allow you to live in the present, you are constantly concerned about your past mistakes and your future while letting the present go by unnoticed. Quit worrying, enjoy your life.
Do not procrastinate. Things pile up and overwhelm you when you procrastinate. Deal with the affairs of each day as you face them. If you don’t, they clutter you tomorrows with much more than you can deal with. Clutter of any kind needs to be avoided. Uncluttering your life helps cut down your worry to some extent.
Do not let your moment pass you by. Live in the now.  Each day has something positive to enjoy. Unless you are totally negative, you would surely find something to enjoy each day. Today, I spent time teaching a group of people much older than me and the discussion we had after the talk was splendid. I made some connections, learned something from each person, which gives me more material for my next talk. Each moment is loaded with so much wisdom, knowledge, experiences and love, learning to embrace life with passion is what makes each day enjoyable.
Do not fear. It isn't surprising that the Bible tells you exactly that, 365 times from Genesis to Revelations. Fear robs you of all the fun you could have. Most of the fears we have are irrational and we need to get rid of them. Overcoming your fear is not difficult. You really need to face your fears and then they remain fears no more.

Do not devalue your opinions. Your opinions are as good as others. I would go to say your opinions matter more than others. Your opinions are the product of your life experience. They are unique and you do not have to have the approval of others on your opinions. I am not for arrogance.. I hate arrogance. What I mean is that, you need to respect your own views, that are distilled and brewed through your unique life experiences. They are what really make you! You are truly important in your life!

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