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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Limiting beliefs - take the limits off

Limiting beliefs - take the limits off  Sofspics
To have failed before you even got started is what limiting beliefs or self limiting beliefs are all about. We often blame everything outside of ourselves for having failed. Often the very seed for failure could be our self doubts. Those thought that tell you that what you are about to undertake is impossible are the very things that are at the root of your failure. This is strengthened by your environment and people around who tells you that life is difficult, people are unfair and you are unlucky. Being influenced by negative or learning to cope from our parents and significant others who are negative thinkers molds us into a negative thinking and self limiting format.
How you approach problems and obstacles in life is another determinant of the way you think. If you have the habit of avoiding problems then you may find it easy to run away from anything that you perceive as difficult. The same may apply to circumstances others tell you that it is difficult. 
Another aspect is the unwillingness to commit or persevere. Hard work does not go down well with some people, the very mention of having to work with sustained and unwavering interest drives people away. I have often tried this on people whom I interviewed for jobs. I would tell them it takes years of hard work to prove themselves and climb the corporate ladder. Often those with a weak will run away never to come back. It makes the shortlisting process easy for me. The fear of facing difficulties is often another important cause of limiting beliefs.
The lack of confidence in yourself and in your potential is another reason for limiting beliefs to thrive. Building your self-confidence helps you to stretch beyond your limits and prove your worth. Your faith in yourself needs to be restored and you need to believe that all of us have potential and we just need the right opportunities to sharpen our skills. Learn to create the right opportunities that you need.
Cultivate the habit of positive thinking. Understanding that every challenge is a great opportunity for innovation and greater success is crucial. Often there is no growth without challenges either in life or at work. Life becomes satisfying in its own way and too stagnant to make us to look beyond what we have. Without needs we would never scale greater heights. 
Self motivation and the passion for doing what you are doing is the difference between success and failure. If you find the desire and passion to pursue something till the end you are bound to make a success of it. The limitation is in your mind and desire or passion drives out the limits. You really need to take the limits off your thinking.. ask why not instead of should I do this?
The willingness to open your mind to possibilities make it possible to get rid of limiting thinking. Positive thinking is the way to go. It helps you approach every opportunity and challenge with a, ‘I believe in myself and my potentials attitude.’ 
If you cannot believe in yourself no one ever will. Start believing in yourself.

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