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Monday, April 9, 2012

Connections for personal growth -2

Connections - for Personal growth sofspics
Without  connections we cease to exist, at least for others. Connections are what help you to be found and placed in a certain order of existence. Connections which link you to your ideas, your profession, your beliefs community and work groups help you grow as a person. You cannot function effectively without connections.

You could make a contact a connection or a break it depending on what your need is. Any connection that you may have established requires that you nurture it. This nurturing is for a common growth. If there is only selfishness in your approach you may stand to lose your connection sooner than later. The mutuality of purpose needs to be there if a connection is to be maintained.

A connection is your access to a person and his/her goodwill or influence. A contact merely gives you an opening but a connection gives you an access. With harshness or uncaring approach you could break the best of your connections. It takes patience and perseverance to build upon your connections. These may become the solid reinforcement you would need as a person when you face difficulties or need help or just support, although this is mutual.

It takes some amount of faith and trust to build connections. It is undeniable that we all need some support at one time or another and no connection is worthless enough to be thrown away. 
Be real. This is the best way to make your connection grow. Being yourself is indeed the only way to grow. Honesty and integrity have a large part to play. No one wants to be connected to a fake person.

Respect the other person’s effort and time. When people willing invest their time and effort on you or your work it is important to recognize and appreciate this fact. Connection need to be respected for further growth.
Honor commitments. This is another area which if neglected would lead to established connections wearing thin.

Clear communication and listening are important aspects for growth of established connections. Assuming things about the other or jumping to conclusion could adversely affect the connection.

Being able to connect with inner-self both spiritually and morally is what assures your personal growth to a large extent. The internal connectedness or integrity reflects in the way we handle our connections socially.

Connections for personal growth - Part 1 

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