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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Connections for personal growth

Connections - sofspics
“The atmosphere you create determines the future of your weakness.” an amazing quote form Dr. Mike Murdock.

Connections are what create our atmosphere. It is easy to get access to someone but definitely not easy to make a connection. There are so many people whom we meet but we connect only with a few. 

When connections are made there is a link, a positive or a negative link. A positive link allows for productivity, while negative links ruptures the system. 

Connection is a two way street, you need to have the two working in alongside each other. A negative connection works against you. 

When you make a connection you establish a relationship, a kinship or an affinity.
A connection is caused by propensity or a natural liking,  a bias towards you.
There is a underlying issue of trust, faith and mutuality or a reciprocity of sentiments. When the trust is eroded or breached the connection is lost. It  could turn negative too. 

In a positive reciprocal relationship you create or connect to an atmosphere of creativity. There is mutual give and take and peace reigns. Understanding and the willingness to believe the best about the other as you would have them believe about you is of primary importance.

A connection could be positive and inspiring or negative and draining. We really need to make choices regarding the kind of connections we want to make.

Your connection could help you become the person you want to be, your future or help you regress into your past depending on how to connect to someone. 

I refuse to take negativity from any connections, I send positive vibes and receive only those in kind. Negative connection are limiting in nature and could limit your self/personal growth. Sometimes it works in your favor to prune your connections, especially useless or negative ones. 

Oftentimes when you connect with someone you feel a spiritual connect. (I do not mean a religious connection here) these connects if tended to well become your future. 

I have often loved this saying (though I am unable to quote it verbatim) it means something like this, ‘ what you are drawn to is what your future holds for you.

When connections are not handled properly they leave scars and scabs which retard growth in that direction. Newer branches may have to be encouraged for further growth. 

Connections are important buds of growth and how you handle them creates the climate you bring into your future.

Connections for personal growth - Part 2

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