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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Feeling overwhelmed

overwhelmed - sofspics

Feeling overwhelmed - moments in life

Have you ever been left feeling overwhelmed with life? If you had answered yes, then this series that I would be writing is for you. We are often overwhelmed by tragedies and destruction that takes place around us, but there are some that are overwhelmed by the very things that happen from day to day. Being overwhelmed would mean that you have let the weight of life inundate your confidence and faith in your ability to tide through life.
In this series of posts that I plan to make over a couple of weeks I would address the following issues ..
a) Being overwhelmed by everyday activities
b) Being overwhelmed by your emotions
c) Being overwhelmed by difficulties
d)  Being overwhelmed by your disease or illnesses
and others as I think fit to address as I move ahead.

Feeling overwhelmed - Why?

This condition arises out of letting your work or mess crowd your life to a point that you really do not know where to begin. Messes and not getting things done on time could cause you to be overwhelmed.
Fear of the unknown could leave you feeling overwhelmed. The fact that you are unfamiliar with some things that needs to be done, could make you avoid doing those things and to put them off until a later time. This could end up crowding your life with many things that have become urgent or even reached emergency levels screaming for your attention.
When you feel overwhelmed by something you concede defeat, thereby letting the thing tell you that you are not competent enough, eroding your self confidence and self-belief.
When you let something overwhelm you it could also mean that you have given something undue importance or prominence that puts the rest of your life out of balance. Achieving the right balance in life and being able to get your priorities right is of great importance.
It could also mean that you have let external conditions overpower your life and take control of your life, where you should have been master.

Simplify your life.

Prioritize, decide what needs to be given immediate attention. Make you own list based on how urgent the task is or how important it is for your life and get it done. Leave the unimportant and not urgent until such time you are relatively free to handle them.
Avoid clutter and piling up of things. Do what can be done today, today itself.
The best way of overcoming fear is to face it. The logic is one day or the other you have to do the thing that needs to be done.. so why not do it now.
Organize your life, make every thing that can be accessible easily accessible.  Throw out stuff that you need to, you will find it easier to navigate through life.
Learn to be assertive and say ‘no’ when you have to. You do not have to take up every possible job on your back. Learn to delegate and relax.
You would find your life a little more approachable and less unnerving.

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