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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Feeling overwhelmed emotionally

Continued from feeling overwhelmed part1

Well life does throw bouquets or bricks at you when you least expect it. It is so easy to get emotionally overwhelmed by someone or somethings that happens in life.  Death of a near one or natural calamities in life often leave us devastated. Sorrow or grief is natural and does have a healing effect, but to hang on to it and let your life come to a standstill long after you should have gotten over it would mean that you really have to place things in the right perspective. Death is as much a reality as life is. We really need to learn to accept death and move on with life. A long time ago I just could not accept the death of my father, I was only 12 when he passed on.. and everyday I would dream that he came back.. I would search for him everyday. It became an obsession with me.. and I had to speak to someone, I found a mentor and she walked me through the valley of death and healing, I became whole again. I am ever grateful to her, because she became my inspiration to work in the field of Mental Health. Life goes on, may sound cliched ..but life does Go On... and we need to move on too.
Most of us struggle to cope with breakup in relationships or loss of friends, or rejection. To be honest I have been through my share of it. The fact that we invest so much of ourselbves in terms of affection, love, hope, trust and future into such relationships leaves us deflated.
What needs to be put into perspective here is that - nothing in life is permanent.  
You have given something or someone too much importance in your life, so you need to regain your balance, shift focus. You say easier said than done - But it has to be, for your own mental health.
Thirdly you may have made a mistake in thinking that the other person is as bound to you as you are - thereby undermining the person’s personal preference - I believe love is also about letting go.

There are other things like negativity and criticism directed at you. Here again you need to know yourself and who you are.If every negative thing people say about you leaves you overwhelmed or depressed you need to get your thinking straight. The person thoughts are his/her own.
You need to have a positive view of yourself, in other words you need to have high self-esteem. This is one strength that would take you through all the highs and lows of life unscathed.
If you are saying what if I live with a husband/wife or parent who is critical and negative, you still have to learn to think positively and live positively in this negative world.
If you have issues like fear, failure etc following you where ever you go, you could be overwhelmed. You really need to deal with the fear of failure, or fear of not being able to perform well. Fear of the unknown or fear of any kind that immobilises and overwhelms you needs to be done away with. Face your fears, that is the only way to work through this.
Being happy and level headed is a decision that you alone can make so make it today!

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