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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Feeling overwhelmed by difficulties

Continued from Feeling overwhelmed emotionally

When you are faced with difficulties / hostile environment it is possible for some to feel overwhelmed by the sheer pressure that you face. Having to live in or return to the same atmosphere is often painful. As the saying goes when it rains it pours. Frequently you find yourself swamped by difficulties and difficult circumstances. For eg. Illness, psychological, emotional trauma, financial difficulties as a result of hospitalisation, medical bills etc and being cut away from society could all be a progression of difficult situations that a person may face. It seriously does undermine the confidence of a person making them feel hopeless and filled with despair. Even as I write this I am walking a tough path and it is amazing that I am sitting down to write this post.
Positive thinking is my huge weapon and so is my faith in God and the nature of things. I believe, if I am beat down at this moment, there is one one way to go and that is up and up!
Without faith in God, oneself and in mankind it is hard to live this life. ‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.’   Heb 11:1 says the Bible.
When I believe, I have hope and a future. I have a tomorrow, there is no despair or desperation. Death may be at my doorstep and yet I live, because, as long as there is breath in me, I believe, I can achieve what I have set my mind to! That is the nature of faith. It never gives up. 
If difficulties and pain overwhelm there is very little left of life. It is the difficulties and struggle that make each victory worthwhile. Each success sweeter and each moment you are alive a victory in itself. All battles are fought in the head. If you give up, you are sure to cave in. 
Illness is a big deal. It could emotionally bankrupt you. For that matter anything you let overwhelm you makes a wreck out of you emotionally, physically and mentally. Focus on the positives, on what you can do, than on what you cannot do. Focus on how much you can achieve from your current state than how much you are losing out. 
Develop a hobby or an interest. Keep your energies focused on it. Creative writing could be a great form of therapy for you. Try it, crafts, arts, painting anything that allows you to release your emotions and shape something positive through it, is immensely helpful. Your emotional and physical health is of primary importance. 
If you ask me,  how do you know.. I can tell you I have been there and walked out of it by sheer faith. Fight everything that comes against you in your head before you launch your battle. Believe that victory is yours and you will win. 
Determine today that you will face every difficulty head on. Some battles are not worth fighting over, you could ignore them. Choose your battles right and fight only the important ones. The rest will fall in place!
Life is to be lived . Live your life to the full! Make every minute count, make sure that whatever you do you do because to want to do it, not because you have to! 

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