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Friday, July 22, 2011

Self expression - express yourself for self growth

Express yourself - create and develop your identity

Expressing yourself  or Self-expression is the most powerful means of creating and developing your identity. Self Expression can take many routes. Expression of thoughts, emotions, desires and needs is what makes us uniquely human. Expressing yourself through different mediums can not only takes a form of creative expression, but could also be of great therapeutic value. Expressing yourself through the right channels not only helps you develop your talents and potential, but also helps you expand your individual identity. Self expression is an assertion of who you really are. It makes you stand out tall and your uniqueness shines out brilliantly setting you apart from the rest of the crowd.

Creative expression You can express yourself creatively through various art forms such as painting, music, craft, sculpture, etc.  This is where you could give full reign to your creative expression, giving it form and making it an object of art or an art form. Quiet often it is the path to self actualization or a heightened sense of self satisfaction that arises from being creative.

Speech by itself is a powerful form of expression that allows for communication of one’s thoughts and feelings.  It serves to fulfill your needs while at the same time it becomes an effective vehicle for inter-personal interaction. Speech being the commonest form of self expression is still the most important and useful instrument of self expression.

Public speaking, presentations, role plays, use of teaching methodologies, etc. are powerful tools of self-expression to influence and sway others to your line of thinking. Writing articles, poetry, journals, etc. are other ways of using the power of words to express yourself.

Expressing your emotions not only helps you maintain your balance but also to channel them into creative avenues. Many relationships suffer from lack of adequate emotional expression. Emotional expressions are what give relationships their richness and depth.
Giving expressions to emotions such as fear, stress, anxiety and worry help deal with these in a better way. 
Giving expression to emotions can done in various ways to achieve different results. Subtle use of emotions also allows for gentle interactions and building relationships. Forceful expression of emotions enables leadership abilities and direction of others involved in relationships.
Diplomacy and tact allows for delicate handling of sensitive relationships.
Pure joy and happiness can bring others into a comfortable relationship with us.

These emotional expressions uniquely identify the person that you are - whether you are outgoing, introspective, vivacious and active or slow and withdrawn Inadequacy of emotional expressions allow huge walls or barriers between us and the rest of the society and make it difficult for others to approach us. Bottling up your emotions sometimes allows negativity to build up inside you and they are bound to explode sometime or the other, disrupting social or inter-personal interaction or causing physical problems within the individual.

The ability to strike a balance in giving expression to one’s emotions is what makes a person appear mature and stable. Too little or too much of emotional expression is rather unhealthy. Self expression is another form assertiveness. Being able to express yourself firmly, clearly and within your limits of freedom is what makes up a healthy individual.

Lack of self expression causes people to follow the crowd, they tend to lose their individuality and clarity of thought to a certain extent. So it is very important to be yourself. Striking a healthy balance in every area of life is what makes life livable and enjoyable and encourages personal growth or self growth.

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