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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Do you stammer and stutter - help is here ( self help)

Does stammering and stuttering  bother you?

Stammering and stuttering are problems that have been there since the beginning of the human race. The Bible mentions Moses as a stammerer. He is so conscious of his problem that his self-confidence is totally eroded, even though he is the son of Pharaoh's daughter  (royalty in other words ) he is unsure of leading his people. 

Stammering is the problem of the inability to vocalize a word or a phrase fluently. It makes a person fumble over certain syllables and sounds that it deters clear communication. 

The cause of stammering has not been identified, but it seems to run in families. Whether this is a learned trait or a genetic problem is still under debate.

More men than woman suffer from stammering. Stammering, anxiety, poor self confidence, depression seem to be a chain of  events, one leading to the other.

The more conscious you are of your problem the more fearful you become and your stammering becomes more pronounced.

There is no definite treatment  for stammering or stuttering. Taking help from speech therapists could help you understand the specific areas where you need to work on, but long term treatment would only make your pockets light. 

Any action that you may have to take needs to be worked out by you. Your determination and your persistence will decide your success or failure. Remember that no problem is too difficult to overcome. 

Some of the all time greats have had the problem of stammering and stuttering. Check out the sample list that I have here for you Winston Churchill, Julia Roberts, Sir Issac Newton, Aristotle, Rowan Atkinson,  Anthony Quinn, Charles Darwin, King George VI,Marilyn Munroe, Elvis Presley  and many more.

If they could overcome the problem of stammering and stuttering and be great public figures,  so can you. Follow this link to get some  help to overcome stammering and stuttering

Don't let this problem of stuttering eat away into your self-confidence. You have an equal right to life a full and satisfied life like any other, so go and get some help. 

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