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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Live your dreams

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Live your dreams

All of us have dreams, to live your dreams would be living a realized life. I have for many years wanted to write, write a book. At least one. I am not yet there, but I am getting there...soon!  I have never had the courage to admit it before now. I have shelved this dream for a long time. Whenever my articles or poems had been rejected, I just believed that I did not have it in me, that special quality to be a writer. I accepted what I thought was the reality, I cannot write anything and writing a book was beyond my dreams. I hid my dream behind my many other pursuits and took up painting, craft and somehow been able to do whatever I did well. Yet, the courage to get back to main stream - writing a book had never on my radar until now. Follow your dreams!

There may be many among you, who like me, have accepted a secondary/ inferior option to replace your dream. Inferior only in the sense that it is less important to you. If you did that you just killed your dream. I mean, if writing was your passion and you settled down to living a life as a painter, somehow your heart is not fully into it. Although you love painting you are never able to give it your hundred percent. Would you live your life with that faint nagging feeling somewhere at the back of your mind that you would have indeed been happier following your dream?

I don’t know about you.. the money that I made in the corporate world did never make me happy. I did make a lot of money,  I enjoyed what I did, but there was something missing. At that time I was unable to put my finger on it and identify the problem. Being a positive person I made the best of what I had.
I do believe there are many others, who do not know what they want, they just follow one thing after another trying to find satisfaction. If you are one of them you really need to sit and write down a list of things that you would really be doing, if not for the thing that you are currently pursuing.
Passion is something that inspires, motivates and keeps you going day after day. It urges you on to do your best, because these are what your dreams are made of... Often it would seem more practical and wise to change your dreams or make new dreams... especially when things don’t work out well for you...Should you give up and run away?
I really would not know how to answer this question for you. As for me, the answer would be ‘NO’ and ‘NO’. I would pursue my dream of writing till the end. I would at least die with the satisfaction that I pursued my dream and never gave up on myself and what I believed in.
I have just started to illustrate and write a book in bits, yes in bits! I write what ever I think I would want in my book. I have found someone who is so captivated by the idea of editing and publishing my book because this person believes in me. My dream is now leading me... Live your dreams! 

Part 2 of Live your dreams will appear shortly on this site ..please do leave a question or a comment if you feel like doing it... that would help me make these posts more useful. Thank you for taking your time to read this post. I appreciate this very much! Have a wonderful day!

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