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Monday, January 2, 2012

New years resolutions - How to make new year resolutions

New years resolution - scale the heights

The time for new year resolutions is here... have you made yours?
I have made mine.. they were not made in the spur of the moment, but after much thought, deliberation and evaluation of my goals for the last year.
Being able to state your resolution clearly in measurable terms, that is what you want to achieve in the next 12 months should be your vision statement for the year.
Write it down and put it up in a place that is highly visible to you,would aid you in your motivation and progress.
Breaking the goal into distinct sub-goals and objectives makes it measurable and achievable.
Breaking them down to specific short term goals; for example I want to lose 15 pounds in three months, by the end of March, and would translate to losing 5 pounds each month.
This would tell you that you have to switch over to a high fiber diet, 30 minutes of exercising each day, cut down on sugar and ice-creams etc...
Without a workable goal or goals it is hard to achieve much. When your vision is clear and goals practical and achievable you are bound to succeed.
Very often goals that are based on whims and fancies fail, you need the drive to take you through to the achievement of your goals.
Goals should be need based, they should based on reasons why you want to achieve your goals, the motivation to achieve your goals should come from your intrinsic desire and should be self driven.
Goals that are realistic are more achievable. When they are realistic it is easy to follow through with them. The practical nature of the goals makes them appear easier to achieve. Wanting to become Celine Dione in a day or even a year could be unachievable if you start from scratch. I am sure she trained for years to sing the way she does.
All goals should be time specific, this gives direction and allows you to measure progress from time to time. Larger goals like wanting to write 500 articles in a year could be broken down to something like writing at least an article a day and a couple of extra articles a week. This makes the task approachable, a huge number like 500 which would make the less motivated to buckle under pressure.
So make sure that your New years resolutions are well thought out and planned before your embark on your journey.
Wish you all the success and motivation to make your dreams come true.

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  1. Sofs, this is sound advice to start the New Year out with. It is always wise, I feel, to reflect on the past year and set a direction for the coming year. It is how we get from A to B and accomplish things in our lives.

    Happy New Year to you and your family.
    PS-Yes, my blog is up and running...
    Signed, Truthseeker, AKA Denise H.