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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Resolutions any one? the New Year is here!!

Have you made resolution in the past only to give up on them?

I have in the past and had given up on making resolutions. I now realize that that is not the way it is mean to be..
Resolution  are made so that they can be realized, so that goals can be achieved and life is made more meaningful. I have learnt to make resolutions and succeed in attaining my goals.Do you ask how?

Well follow the steps and you will get there...

Plan well 
Don't make a resolution on an impulse. Think well, check to see is it your priority, if it means a lot to you you will make it work.

Write down your resolution and put it where you can see it frequently.

Commitment  to make it work for you
Plan your activities around your resolutions. Make sure that you allocate enough time in your routine to accommodate it.

Link it to your other related actives.

Be persistent and never give up.

If you have had a break for some reason get back to your task as soon as you can.

Find supportive people to work with you, motivate you and help you.

Keep going, keep on going despite setbacks and discouragement.

Believe that you can achieve it, believe in yourself.

You are a winner, because you are determined to make it there.

http://quazen.com/shopping/setting-and-achieving-goals/   Setting and achieving your Goals

 http://hubpages.com/_ams1/hub/Be-a-winner-Impossible-is-nothing  Be a winner - Impossible is nothing!

Your determination makes you a winner!

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