"People often say that motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, that's why we recommend it daily." - ZigZiglar

Friday, August 20, 2010

Worry, tension , anxiety - leave it behind!

Need a mantra for happiness?

Read on, you can do it. Just decide today, come what may that you will not let anyone or anything steal your happiness. It is just a decision away. Most of us fail to understand that the key to happiness is in our hands. It is a choice away.

Worry, tension, anxiety, anger, fear take a toll on your life. By holding on to them you can only make yourself vulnerable to diseases like hypertension, depression, ulcers, anxiety attacks and various mental and physical ailments.

The bible says you cannot add an inch to your life by worrying.... so why worry ???
One way to handle worry is to learn to laugh at yourself. Make a joke of the situation and exaggerate your emotional reaction a little bit and try telling your friends the funny side ... you can end up being a stand up comedian. It takes courage to look at yourself from an outsiders point of view and poke fun at yourself, nevertheless it helps. Just takes a little practice.

Just take a deep breath before you react... hold it long enough that you are chocking and your focus will change.

The importance of meditation in keeping your peace cannot be stressed enough. Meditation is not about chanting mantras but is a simple shifting of focus. Everyone can do it.

Make yourself comfortable, relax, close your eyes bring to your mind a scene that is so pleasing to you and just wander through it enjoying every bit of it for a while. Things start looking up.

The world does not come to an end because of a failure, delay, mistake or whatever causes you to worry.

Doors may close but life is full of openings and opportunities.

Be kind to yourself, do not judge yourself harshly.. if you can't no one else will.

You always have another chance. so let go....

Every night after you get into bed just review your day trash all those memories that cause you pain and worry. Highlight those events that have given you a lot of satisfaction and happiness during the day. Blow it up on the screen of your mind and watch it for a while.

You will not only wake up feeling fresh and looking forward to the day but will venture in with new enthusiasm and energy. Happiness is just a decision away, don't stop now ...

Watch your happiness quotient ... read on

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