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Friday, February 10, 2012

Live your dream - part 3

Live your dream - sofspics

The last two post on Live your dream I have been speaking about the positive and the negative connotations of dreams in our lives. I would like to focus on the positive aspects of dream in this post. I had mentioned a dictionary definition of how your your mind invests a series of thoughts, images, and sensations which become your dream.
Visualization as it is called is one of the greatest tools of creativity. It is easy to use this tool to make your dream a reality. Using thoughts, mind images and sensations you create the unseen reality of your dreams in your conscious mind. Vivid imagination is your best friend.
I had already mentioned another principle earlier. Your future is the result of what you prioritize and include in your daily routine.
Take time each day to do these two things to make your dream a reality, but for the spiritually inclined include the visualisation process in your daily meditation.
The very fact that your mind has created these dreams means it is spiritually in existence. Now make it a physical reality.
Picture yourself with your book, perhaps a cover page of your book, mine is a dream like cover of artistically designed front page in pastel shades bearing the title of my book. Envision the font, the font size and its placement. Go to the first page in your imagination and write a beautiful foreword by someone you really admire in the literary field, a current published author. This is a forceful way to have to motivation going strong. Publishing a book is not always easy. There are many who will tell you that your book will not sell or something negative. These are the times when you really need to have your motivation going strong. Spend at least ten minutes visualizing and enjoying the feel of the hard bound book in your hand ( for me it is) or being on the Amazon list of books. Thank God for the book, an attitude of gratitude builds positive energy around you.
In your everyday routine, add a new ideas or content, illustration to your file... I have spent some time picturing some characters for my book, and would soon be doing a couple of paintings myself.
This way I build my dream day after day,brick upon brick. Someday soon I would have all that I need to have my book published. No matter what your dream is, go for it today.
There may be road blocks or hurdles on the way but the key is to believe in yourself. I cannot over emphasise this point. Overcoming each hurdle in your way is what makes the goals sweeter and more meaningful for you! Go get your dreams! Live your dream!

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