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Monday, February 13, 2012

Live your dream - Lead your dreams

Lead your dreams - sofspics
Thus far have been saying don't let go of your dream, hold on to it, live it. I would like to go one step further and say do not just follow your dreams, lead them. When you have dreamed enough it is time to lead your dreams. Make each project you work on a part of your dream life puzzle. When you achieve a little success from your dreams you become bold enough to dream some more. Dream on.
Dreams are the power of thought. As I said earlier it is not enough to just dream, now forge ahead with action. Any dream that is not backed up by action remains an idle dream. I do not believe in 'The secret' or what it advocates in the sense that it encourages you to just dream and not work on it. Such idlers paradise is not what makes life fulfilling. I would rather have earned what I have gained, than sat on my fat behind and just dreamed it up into existence. Nothing in life comes without hard work. It would be foolish to believe and wait. If you are spiritually oriented you would understand this well too. Faith is not about believing and waiting for something to land on your lap.
The Bible tells us of a woman who had an incessant flow of blood for 12 years. In the Jewish context it would have meant she was cut off from her own husband and family because of her condition. She was unclean, so she had no public life, no active life. She heard about Jesus who went about healing the sick, did she believe and wait with faith for her healing to come ... no not at all. She braved social ostracization, she braved being stoned to death for breaking the law by being in public and making a teacher or a rabbi unclean by what she did. She pulled herself to the streets, pushed and pressed through the crowds and touched the hem of his garment because she had read in the scriptures that 'the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in his wings'. The wings were the fringes on the garment of the rabbi. What she did in effect was - obtained knowledge, verified what she heard about Jesus against her knowledge , once she was convinced she took calculated risks, cleared every obstacle in her path and got her dream of leading a healthy active life.
It is the amount of effort that you put into each accolade that you earn which makes the whole process worth it. Today's generation has been fed on instant everything, laziness and a bunch of lies.. I will not blame the media for it, they feed the crowds what they want to hear.. and so they are doing their jobs in a way and having a dream life.. it is those who fall prey to this are the ones that lose out.
So don't let anyone fool you into dreaming and not acting. Lead your dreams, forge ahead, live your best life today!

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